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What is ASR?

ASR ( is an online automotive event registration and judging tool. ASR is built for event producers that want to eliminate the hassle of building, maintaining and completing registrations, payments and completely automate the judging platform.

What does ASR do?

ASR’s proprietary system allows event producers to quickly create events for simple use or tailor an event registration and judging to their exact needs. By taking over the frustrating task of registration, payment process and judging, you free up more time to handle other tasks for your event, making the experience better for your participants. Our unique and exclusive mobile applications make check in and judging a must have tool for your event.

How does ASR work?

After your event has been created and established in our system a participant for your event will register on the website. After the user profile is created, they will create a new profile for each auto they want to show. From here, they find your show from the event list, fill out any billing and bio and select the car they want from a drop down list. This simple to use system allows the same participant to use the same profile for multiple shows, instead of having to fill out the same auto information over and over. 30 to 3000, we can handle any type of show size you have to offer!

What does ASR cost?

ASR offers four packages to choose from; Basic, Pro, Tailored & Custom to meet the needs and requirements for our customer. Our goal is to eliminate as much work from your to-do list as possible, a setup fee and per registration free apply to all packages.

At this time, all events are reviewed one by one, to discuss your event with one of our expert staff members, please contact us below:

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